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In Defense of Anakin and Kylo

We often look at the villains or anti-heroes of movies as broken, flawed, or downright evil. The problem is we rarely look at what made them this way, if there could have been a way to prevent their fall. It took me a long time to realize the reasons two villains in the Star Wars universe spoke to me like they did, especially when I saw the reasons behind their fall. As someone who is neurodivergent and who has struggled with their emotions most of their life, one would think I’d latch on to the Jedi way of thinking, in fact that’s what most people wanted me to do. Emotional control, striving to better myself, the usual things people see when they think of the Jedi.

What they don’t see is the lack of positive reinforcement and the denial of care that is needed for people to thrive.

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My thoughts on JK Rowling’s TERFness

So I decided to finally put my feelings and thoughts into words after reading Rowling’s various novels, posts, and tweets about trans people, specifically trans women. She made news back at the end of March by liking overly TERFy tweets, and then when called out attempted to blame it on a “middle age moment” and holding her phone wrong so she accidentally liked it. For those unaware of what is going on, here the article on it from Pink News.

As a trans person, seeing someone who is supposedly super pro-LGBT+ excluding a marginalized group from the movement can be harmful for one’s mental health, especially if the person being marginalized was in some way looking up to that person or even was finding solace in the fandom (because Rowling had made comments about LGBT people at Hogwarts, but apparently she didn’t mean trans people from how she talks).

Outside of personal feelings, there are numerous issues with how she presented the character in the Strike novels. (More info on the novels here and here) She used outdated and harmful stereotypes against trans people, stereotypes that get trans people outright murdered (claiming they’re just men in dresses, that they’re child molesters, that they’re going to hurt people because they’re hiding behind “being a woman”) or has had legislation passed against them treating them like a danger to society.

While it turned out that the one character wasn’t trans, the fact that that was her go to for the female first name played into the stereotypes and painted trans people in a negative light. Similar sorts of things were done to gay men back in the 50s and 60s (and up to today sadly) where they were secretly going to groom and molest your male children and “turn them gay”. We see it with other marginalized groups as well, a person from a middle eastern country is most likely going to be cast as a terrorist or a villain, an African American man is most likely cast as a “thug” or a gang member while the woman is cast as “sassy” or a single mom who is dependent on welfare.

By using the harmful stereotypes against marginalized groups, authors and film makers cause great harm to those groups, because people who read/watch that media often don’t realize that they’re incorrect stereotypes and take it on face value because it wouldn’t make sense for an author/film maker to do that unless it was true, right?

In one of her other novels in the Strike series, she has the main character threaten to have a trans character arrested and makes prison rape threats at the person. She also uses stereotypes about trans women being overly aggressive, or overly masculine and who are basically just again, men in dresses. (Discussed here)

And with things like I mentioned before, the anti-trans laws being put into place, or the fact that in the US there are 48 states where the trans panic defense is a valid murder defense, or the fact that reparative rape is still something suggested to “fix” trans men (like myself), having a famous author or film maker pushing harmful stereotypes like this does a lot of harm for the marginalized group.

So far there have been at least 8 trans people killed in 2018 alone, which adds to the myriad of reasons seeing a famous person touting anti-trans rhetoric or spreading transphobia as something to be frightening or problematic/cause for fear in the trans community.

There is more info here for other TERF actions if you’re interested.

Gender issues in the workplace

This is from an assignment from my Communication and Gender class. We were asked to summarize an illegal gender-issue workplace problem and a legal gender-issue workplace problem. We were then asked to discuss why the problem exists, what is keeping it from being resolved, what is being done (if anything), and some of the communication challenges involved. I have put the problems in bold. (Citations were required, so I included them here as well)

Employment discrimination for non-public employees in regards to gender or sexuality is illegal in 20 states.

While most people are aware that one cannot discriminate against someone in the workplace for their sex, marital status, age, or disability, most people assume this also includes sexuality and gender, which for 30 states in the US it does not. While there are still many examples of discrimination occurring in the workplace for the classes protected in all 50 states, gender and sexuality are only protected in 20 states. This means that a transgender person can be legally fired from their job for being transgender in 30 states, and they have little to no way of getting justice since gender is not covered on a federal level. By leaving it up to the states to decide to protect gender or sexuality, it creates an environment where LGBT+ people often times are forced to remain in the closet about who they are, or in the case of gender, are forced to either take a job after transitioning, or spend their entire time working at the job pretending to be someone they are not.

Even in states where LGBT+ people are protected by a non-discrimination act, harassment and discrimination can still occur, which then requires the person affected to either out themselves to everyone, or to stay silent about their gender or sexuality. Another issue is that while it is illegal to discriminate against LGBT+ people on the basis of gender or sexuality in 20 states in the US, people can still discriminate but then give some other “reason” behind their actions, such as refusing to hire a transgender person who is open or unable to pass as their gender, or firing someone for being open about being homosexual (such as a man talking about his marriage and mentioning they have a husband and not a wife). Due to many states being either at will or a right to work state, some employers don’t even need to give a reason for firing a person, which then makes it much more difficult to fight against and prove the reason behind the firing or discrimination.

Currently there is work being done by groups like the Human Rights Campaign to have the federal government pass a fully inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act (HRC, 2013), but without the removal of at will and right to work laws, the discrimination will still continue to occur as employers don’t have to disclose reasons behind their actions. Also, as can be seen with discrimination of cis women within the workplace, without proper enforcement of the laws and acts, the discrimination will continue and in many cases be swept under the proverbial rug until there are so many cases that people can no longer ignore the problem.

“As Senate Hearing Nears, Nations Leading Businesses Support Employment Non-Discrimination Act.” Human Rights Campaign, 9 July 2013,

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 lists transgender people in the same group as pedophiles and people with sexual disorders.

While most people agree that those who are transgender do not fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act just for being transgender, the issue is in how the ADA words their exclusion. While the ADA was updated in 2008, the terminology of Section 12211 continues to list “gender identity disorders” and “transsexualism” as sexual behavior disorders (Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, As Amended). The problem with this is not just that the term “gender identity disorder” is now viewed within the medical community as inaccurate and outdated, being replaced with gender dysphoria in the DSM-V and other medical literature, but that it lumps transgender people in with those who have sexual disorders.

While most people won’t take the time to read through the text of the ADA to reach Section 12211, by keeping the connection within the text it provides ammunition for anti-trans groups and organizations to compare transgender people with pedophiles, voyeurs, and sexual paraphiliacs. Groups such as Gender Identity Watch, which is run by an anti-trans woman known as Cathy Brennan, use text such as Section 12211 to justify their actions which include posting information about trans people (especially transgender women) on their website, doxing (exposing private information) of transgender people, and even stalking and harassing transgender people online. Their claim is that being transgender is a mental disorder that should be called autogynephilia (which itself is a mental illness created by Ray Blanchard that essentially states that certain men gain sexual arousal by thinking of themselves as a woman.), and it is just as dangerous and harmful to society as pedophilia, and as such trans people should be tracked, exposed, and “cured” of their mental disorder.

One of the major factors preventing this from being resolved is the lack of knowledge of what is within the act. Very few people have taken the time to read the entire act, and even though medical knowledge and literature has been updated regarding gender dysphoria and transgender people, legal documents and government acts require the government to justify amending or changing a piece of literature and this usually requires the legislative branch of the government to vote on the changes. As can be currently seen when it comes to transgender rights such as the ability to use the bathroom without being harassed or forced to use the wrong bathroom, it is an uphill struggle. To my knowledge nothing is currently being done to fix the wording within the ADA, and due to the constant pushback regarding matters of gender by not just the government but the public at large, it will take people actively working on adjusting their language and mental presuppositions about gender to create enough of a drive to fix the text within the ADA.

“Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, As Amended.” 2008,

Straight Pride is Bullshit

Hey straight pride day creeps, Do you even KNOW the history of LGBT pride or pride month? Or are you just whining for not getting a cookie?

I’m being serious here. Do you even KNOW why pride month exists?

Do you even know that being LGBT+ used to be illegal? You want to whine about no straight pride? When has being straight ever been illegal? LGBT+ pride was born from riots, from standing up to oppression and hatred for being who we are.

Do you even know that in some states “sodomy” is still considered illegal? Even though the SCOTUS “invalidated” those laws? In 2003, the SCOTUS reversed the decision on sodomy laws with the case of Lawrence v Texas. That’s right, up until then, being gay was ILLEGAL in several states. But tell me more about your straight pride and the “oppression” you suffer from.

Sodomy laws still exist in Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, SC, Texas and Utah.

LGBT+ people are STILL more likely to be victims of murder or suicide than non-LGBT+ people, even today! Look at how many trans women have been murdered in just this year alone, or how many LGBT+ youth are committing suicide to escape the bullying or the hatred they receive from family and friends just for being who they are. How about the fact that reparative rape exists as a way to “fix” LGBT+ people? Last I checked, straight people don’t deal with that. What about conversion therapy? Nothing like that for straight folk.

But sure, you need your cookie for being straight, right? 

Even though ON PAPER, LGBT+ people have the same rights as non, we are still treated as less than human in many places in the US. There are 30 states where you can be FIRED for being LGBT+. Show me a state where you can be fired just for being straight. It took a SUPREME COURT decision for homosexual people to be allowed to even fucking marry.

Something that should have been a “DUH” concept!

If you don’t know why I say that, read the 14th amendment. The 14th amendment states that one cannot deny rights from one group of people that another group has, which means that marriage should have been legal for LGBT+ people since it was legal for straight cisgender people, but it took a SCOTUS ruling to actually make people follow the law. And even still, we see places like in Oregon where a judge had to be forcibly removed from the bench for refusing to marry LGBT+ people because he didn’t agree with the law that he was supposed to uphold. And yet we STILL have states and lawmakers trying to reverse that because “Ewww! Gay people!”

Transgender people are constantly at the mercy of “gatekeeper” people who decide whether or not they are legitimate. Do you see straight people having to constantly go, “I’m straight!”? Or do we assume straight is the default setting? Do straight people get murdered just for being straight? LGBT+ people get murdered just for being LGBT+. Do parents kick their kids out of the house for “coming out” as straight? Or is that something we see with LGBT+ kids?

You all want to think that pride month is nothing more than LGBT+ flaunting themselves and being “proud” of being LGBT+, instead of a celebration and rememberance of all the battles we’ve fought to even get this far in life. We celebrate the lives of those who fought for us, we celebrate the overturning of corrupt laws meant to harm and silence us.

How about you do some reasearch and actually learn WHY pride month exists before whining about not getting a cookie for being straight. Learn WHY we celebrate. Learn WHY we continue to fight. Learn WHY we are tired of your bullshit straight pride day and your whining.

Go and learn your history before crying about not getting a cookie for being straight.

We Have the Resources

People claim that we can’t ensure everyone’s basic needs are met (food, shelter, clothing, fresh water, etc). Yet it’s not because we lack the resources to do it. We as a society lack the COMPASSION and EMPATHY to do it.

UPDATE: Some people have stated that the only rights we have are “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” This is wrong on SO many levels, the least of which because the original phrase was from John Locke, and it was “life, liberty, and property.” Jefferson, like most of the founding fathers, was against everyone having property, because that would mean that they were all equal to those in power. So Jefferson switched out “property” with “pursuit of happiness.” This ensured that only those who had property would be those in power, and they then could set forth the rule that only those who were men of a certain age who owned land could have a say in the new government.

It had nothing to do with wanting everyone happy. It had to do with keeping certain groups of people out of power, and maintaining the power of the rich, white, male elite. The founding fathers didn’t want equality for all, so to claim that the only rights we have are rights that were plagiarized and changed slightly to ensure an imbalance of power, is a claim filled with ignorance.

Transcribed from Twitter moment “We have the resources, but we refuse to use them“

Everyone deserves shelter. Everyone deserves fresh & safe water. Everyone deserves enough food to eat, and that that food isn’t just cheap “filler” foods such as pastas and rice. Everyone deserves adequate heating and cooling to help ensure proper health and homeostasis. Everyone deserves top level healthcare, not just the rich.

For some reason, people believe that the basic needs for survival should be conditional, or that to provide them means taking from someone else. Some people even claim that to make sure everyone has their basic needs met would turn others into slaves!

Because we’ve been raised as a society to believe that not everyone deserves the basic needs to survive.

I look around and see houses standing empty while people are living on the streets, unable to afford shelter. I see food stores destroying left over food instead of donating it to food banks while people go hungry. I see clothing manufacturers destroying clothes that aren’t “perfect” instead of donating them or giving them to those in need of clothes. I see companies buying up water rights and selling the water for inflated costs while whole communities are left without water. Flint, Michigan isn’t the only community without water to even take a shower. Many of the people on the reservations have been without safe water for far longer.

Here’s a hint. The resources are there, it is greed and disregard for others that is preventing access to said resources. When we put a dollar sign on the things people need to survive, we are saying as a society that only those with money deserve to live. We as a society are telling people that unless they have money, they are not deserving of what they need to survive. Because of this, we have people who are unable to give back to society due to their inability to have their basic needs met. We’ve seen that if we make sure people have their needs met, then they are more able to put back into the system that helped them.

NO ONE deserves to live in poverty, or without adequate food/water/healthcare. You shouldn’t have to EARN the “right” to such things. They should be for EVERYONE regardless of “earning it.” 

By actually giving two shits about people other than yourself and working to fix broken systems and systems of exploitation. The fact that we view necessities for life as something that not everyone deserves shows that the economic systems we’re using to day are flawed and detrimental to those who aren’t willing to step on others and use them.

The US would rather destroy food than let people have it if it’s left over.

Our society encourages and rewards greed and selfishness while empathy and compassion are often considered weaknesses. We make huge deals about celebrities donating to a charity, while ignoring that everyone has the ability to help out their fellow human being.

States like Utah have shown that by providing people with the basic needs for survival, such as shelter, food, water, and clothing, that people are able to start giving back to society. When they are no longer spending all of their time trying to figure out where they will sleep that night, or if they will have enough food to eat, they are able to focus on other things such as work and contributing to society.

We as a society created the problems we are having. We created them by giving the wealthy more money while taking away from those in need. We slashed the budgets for housing, food, health, education, and the like in the hopes that the rich would pick up the slack.

We’ve seen that they have no intention of doing so.

 We as a society destroyed the middle class in favor of the rich minority, because we were told that if we just allowed them to get a little richer, they would fix the economy and bring prosperity to us all. We created a society of debt and poverty, and then we turn around and blame those asking for help.

Instead of blaming people for what they don’t have, how about we work on compassion and empathy?

We have the resources available, but we as a society need to learn to put our fellow human beings first instead of profits. We need to realize that the more people we shove into poverty and homelessness, the fewer people we will have to be part of the workforce.

While it might cost money up front to ensure housing, food, water, and clothing for everyone, as well as proper healthcare for everyone, the end result will be a healthier society that is able to put back into the community what they took out.

We just have to put in the effort to fix the problem, instead of blaming those who were harmed.

We tried to warn you

Transcribed from a August 15, 2017 Twitter Thread.
For years we’ve tried to warn you of this, but you brushed it off as “trolls” or people doing it to get a reaction. You ignored our warnings, and now you’re surprised when they march down your streets? Several years ago I started noticing “nazi” style posts online in certain groups. When I spoke up about it, I was dismissed with the “Oh it’s just online. They’re trolls, ignore them.” line from certain people.

Later, I noticed that the people from those groups were making videos espousing white supremacy and racist rhetoric. Again, I spoke up. I spoke out about it, only to be told, “It’s just online, they’re doing it for the reaction. Ignore them!”

I then saw these same people creating flags, taking pictures of themselves doing “Nazi salutes” and waving Nazi flags in public. AGAIN, I spoke up. I tried to get people to see, but so many of them responded with, “They’re just doing it for attention, ignore them.”

I saw them gathering and meeting together, I saw them organizing together. I screamed at the top of my lungs what was happening. But so many people told me I was overreacting, that they were just harmless young men who won’t do anything.

On Saturday, one of those men murdered Heather, and injured 19 more.

Amidst the cries of “both sides are at fault”, I suddenly heard those who had dismissed me crying out, “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!” I heard them cry out, “WHY DIDN’T WE SEE THIS COMING?!” My words failed me. All I could do was stand there and cry.

We had tried to warn you, but you told us to ignore them.

We tried to warn you, but you dismissed our fears as overreaction.

We tried to warn you, but you just didn’t want to listen.

It’s Time to Stand Up

Transcribed from Twitter Moment “It’s Time to Stand Up“.

We need to stop telling poc that THEY need to deal with white supremacists.

We white folk need to step up our fucking game and fight this! White people of all walks benefit from white supremacy, WE need to step up and make an effort to shut it down. Standing by and using our skin tone to “stay safe” only let’s evil continue to grow. By refusing to take part in the fight, we are accomplices in the actions of the and Neo Nazis. By standing back and going, “well I don’t deal with that” we are ignoring those our complacency is harming. When we say that we should “hear them out” we are telling people that their concerns aren’t legit.

Nazis don’t need to be “heard out”, we did that in the 40s and look where that got us!

White supremacy doesn’t need to be “heard out”, we have heard their arguments for over 100 years now.

There’s nothing more to be said.We sit here telling ourselves that racism is over, that WE aren’t responsible for our ancestors actions. Guess what? That stuff is still going on. It’s not our ancestors actions we need to answer for, it’s ours! THIS STUFF IS HAPPENING NOW! The time for sitting on the fence and going, “Let’s hear both sides!” is over. It’s time to start listening to those who for too long have been told they are overreacting or trying to guilt us for what our ancestors did. What our grandparents and parents did.It’s time to realize that our comfort in life exists because of the systematic oppression and racism of those who “aren’t as white”. It’s time for us to actually get off the proverbial fence and actually do something. No more “both sides are bad”, you know it’s bullshit.

One side is wanting equality and freedom, the other wants genocide.

It’s time for us to decide if we wish to stand with the oppressors, or stand with those fighting to be free and equal. It’s time to hold ourselves accountable, to actually study our history, to see what we as a “race” have done. It’s time to realize that slavery still exists in the US, that racism is written into our laws, and that our compliance is what allowed what happened today to happen. The blood of today is on ALL of our hands. We stood by as the supremacists and the like grew we pretended they were harmless. We now know just how far they are willing to go to get their way. When the oppressed fight back, they are not “as bad as” their oppressors. And when we say that, we are helping their oppressors.

We need to stop doing things like comparing the exposing of Nazis and white supremacists to the doxing of LGBTQ people. I kid you not, people comparing outing NAZIS and WHITE SUPREMACISTS who took part in the hate march with outing a LGBTQ person and firing them. I’m sorry, but last I checked, outside of Milo “Racist Grandma” Yowierpeworiew, LGBTQ people weren’t promoting GENOCIDE. I also have yet to see an LGBTQ person drive down a crowded street at full speed and into a crowd of people. But sure, let’s claim that we’re no better than those who get LGBTQ people fired when we out NAZIS for their “words” and “ideas.”

That shit stopped being “words” and “ideas” back in the fucking 40s!

But unlike the rest of the world, we allowed them to lick their wounds and come back to life. We looked the other way as they grew. And now because we are outing them for taking part in terrorist acts, we’re suddenly the bad guys? I’m sorry, but my grandfather didn’t go and fight in WWII for some skinhead to go around promoting the murder and genocide of poc and LGBTQ. So anyone who wants to pull the “we can’t go after them for “words and ideas”” centrist fucking bullshit, just fuck yourself with a cactus. Save us the time of having to deal with your hand wringing while people out there are fucking DYING because of these “words and ideas”. We’re at a fork in the road. There is no “middle ground” on this issue. There is no “Both sides have bad people” argument in this issue. You’re either against Nazis and white supremacists and will fight against them, or you’re an enabler/with them.

If you choose to “not pick a side”, guess what, you’ve sided with the Nazis and white supremacists by your inaction.

You don’t get to sit this one out and pull the “Well I’M not a racist/white supremacist/Nazi!” If you’re not willing to fight the problem, you’re part of the problem on this one. ESPECIALLY if you’re white like me. And seriously…if you compare LGBTQ people to NAZIS…just fucking do the world a favor and become a Luddite out in the middle of nowhere.

“The rise and fall of the nation concerns everyone . Everyone bears responsibility for the prosperity of society.”

 The saying by Gu Yanwu has never been more accurate than it has been today. This was true in the 1600s, and it’s true today. Before you tweet something like in response to the horrific events in Charlottesville, remember that we are all responsible for what happens. Our actions, and sometimes even more importantly, our inaction, have an impact on everything around us. We don’t exist in a vacuum. We need to remember that we are all part of this world, and that we all deserve the right to live (even if you deserve a punch in the dick). We need to accept that our actions and inaction have an impact, and we need to accept, learn from, and understand the events of our past. While we cannot undo the past, we CAN learn from it and work towards fixing the problems that brought us to where we are. Remember, “everybody is responsible for the fate of the world”, it’s just up to you as to which side you wish to be on.Will you side with the side of destruction, hate, and oppression? Or will you side with the side working on adapting and learning, love, and progress? There is no, “Meh, I’ll just hang out here in limbo.”

Stand up

Speak out

Fight back

Don’t wait until they come for us.